Kick-back for the W

This is a pretty old video I’d forgotten all about. It’s from the first year we ran the Dribble Drive, when I was in England. We were playing undefeated Leeds Carnegie, in probably the most perfect game any of my teams have ever played.

After the first quarter we had been called for 10 fouls and Leeds had only been called for one and we were down only 21-18. At the break I had a quiet word with the referees, where they didn’t get to say much, and things evened out.

At the end of the game we were down one, with Leeds having the ball, but also having to shoot before time expired. We blocked them twice in the key with 10 seconds to go (I don’t know why they shot the second shot), got the ball back, and a kick-back from point guard Simon Mitchell to shooting guard James Harris won the game.

It’s just a reminder that the fundamentals of the Dribble Drive can win you unexpected games.

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Playing two post players Dribble Drive style

Two posts dd-style1Even if you run the Dribble Drive there are many reasons you might want to run two post players at the same time. You might have great size, or you might have two players who are not able to play on the perimeter, who you want to play together.

Playing two post players doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning your Dribble Drive principles, however.

Two posts dd-style2On any entry into the post, when you have two post players, just continue using the principles of the Dribble Drive post player movement.

If O5 makes a move to the middle O4 relocates under the basket, just like a middle drive in the 4-out Dribble Drive.

This will either draw X4 away from the help or leave O4 open under the basket.

If O5 makes a move to the baseline O4 T’s up – just like on a baseline drive in the 4-out Dribble Drive.

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Quick Hitters: Zone Up

For the last almost two seasons I’ve been the head coach of the Aalborg Vikings in the Basketball League in Denmark, Europe. I took over mid-season for the first year, and we weren’t able to run the Dribble Drive, as we had to focus on defense.

For year two we started out running the Dribble Drive but mid season we replaced our import players with three new ones. I didn’t think we’d have time to teach it to the new players in time for the playoffs, so we went with set plays.

However, we ran a lot of set plays and quick hitters out of the Dribble Drive formation, as we were already used to playing out of that set.

Now I’ve made the transition to the GM job in the club, so I’m going to share the best of those quick hitters with you this summer. Some are in the Dribble Drive book I published, but this first one is not.

Zone Lob Play

This is a very simple screen-the-zone alley-oop lob play against most zones except the 1-3-1. One TV-announcer told me this season that he couldn’t figure out why the other teams didn’t catch on to it, as we used it every time we faced zone defense.

The answer to that question is in the deception. All of the real action takes place behind the defense and away from the ball:

Diagrammed it looks like this:


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Zone Offense Booklet available again

And the price has been slashed

Apparently the provider for the automatic process of accepting payment for and sending out the Zone Offense System e-Booklet has gone out of business, and the book hasn’t been available for a while. It is now up and running again. This has obviously been an annoyance to some people, so we’ve slashed the price by 20% for a limited time.

In my original book there is a section about the Dribble Drive Zone Offense, and I have now expanded that section greatly with the new information from coach Walberg’s latest DVD’s (Walberg Advanced Dribble-Drive Offense: Zone & Transition Game).

The new eBook is 23 pages, and includes:

  • X’s and O’s for the Fresno 4-out Push offense
  • X’s and O’s for the Fresno 3-out “2-Game” offense
  • How to combine Push and 2-game into simple offensive system
  • Six different set plays in two different series which fit seamlessly with the zone offense.

The book can only be purchased here on the site, for $7.99 through a secure Paypal payment:

Dribble Drive Zone Offense eBooklet


Please note that I have to process the file and send it to you manually, so if I’m coaching at an away game er sleeping (I’m in Europe) it might be several hours before I’m able to process your order.

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Pre-Season Dribble Drive Book Offer

As most European leagues are now in-season, and our friends in the US are gearing up for it, we’ve put the price of the Dribble Drive eBook down from $21.99 to $18.99.

Find the offer on the right.

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Paperback available at Championship Productions

I’m happy to announce that the paperback version of The Dribble Drive Offense – A Complete Instruction Manual is now available to purchase from probably the best resource of coaching books, videos etc. in the world.

The book was accepted into Championship Productions‘ website in August and they have already ordered a second printing.

You can order the book from Championship Productions here: The Dribble Drive Offense

The paperback is also still available at and as a PDF download right here from the site.

Also the book will be available in Japanese before long.

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Dribble Drive eBook sample

It appear that there has been a problem with the Dribble Drive eBook sample on the main eBook page. I’ve uploaded a new 39 page sample which can be downloaded right here..

Sample (PDF)

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Limited time offer for Paperback

At the moment are having a promotion which means you can buy the paperback version of the book at 30% off.

The offer is only valid when you make your purchase in US Dollars, but you can easily change your preferences here, if you’re not from the US:

The promotion code is: SPRING 315

Note: This is a time limited offer, and I have no chance of knowing when it will finish.

Go to by clicking here
Dribble Drive Manual Black White paperback

Learn more about the book by clicking here:

Dribble Drive Offense



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DVD Reviews

One thing I hear a lot of questions about are the various DVD sets about the Dribble Drive Motion. Are they any good? Are they good enough? Who are they for? Below I’m reviewing some of the best known Dribble Drive DVD’s on the market.

Just press the cover picture for the review.

Vance Walberg DVD Reviews

John Calipari DVD Reviews

Fundamentals: Dave Smart 2-Set Review

Zone: Jerry Petitgoue’s Open Post Motion Offense

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LINsanity… 19 months later…

Just catching up on the LINsanity? This site had him featured 19 months ago.

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