Hitting The Post Player off Drag Zone Drives

There are several ways of utilizing the post player in the Dribble Drive motion offense.

Generally the post player in the Dribble Drive has been thought to just be the one “cleaning up” when the perimeter players shoot the ball, but there are a lot of options for a dominant post player in the offense.

To really use the post players in the offence it’s necessary to teach them how to seal inside and how to catch the ball and score on the move. It’s possible to work back to the basket post-up players into the offense, but they will be much more effective if they can play on the move.


On drag zone drive D4 will almost always step into the key a little further.

On a pass to 3 the post 4 must turn and pin his man.

3 must look inside for 4, as he might have very good position in the key if his man has stepped to the ball.


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