I’m a 37 year old professional basketball coach in Northern Europe – I’d rather not say where, as most of what we do is given away in the books available here on the site. I’ve been coaching for a living since 2005.

This website is meant to provide some information on running the Dribble Drive Motion offense.

The dribble drive has received a lot of hype. In the spring of 2008 Sports Illustrated ran an article on the Memphis Dribble Drive motion offence. I read the article and so did my Director of Basketball. We pretty much immediately decided to go with coach Walberg’s offense as the main offense for the entire basketball club, from under 14’s to men, as we felt it provided not just tactical advantages, but also clear advantages when it comes to player development.

We were looking for an offense that would not only get us wins on the court, but also promote long term player development and basketball IQ. We believe we’ve found it in the Dribble Drive Motion, but it hasn’t been easy to get to a point where it’s easily run across all the teams.

Implementing the Dribble Drive as our base club offense was made harder by the lack of availability of good information on how to:

1. Run the offense
2. How to teach the offense to maximize skills and tactical development in players.

In the summer of 2008 several sources were available on how to run the offense; notes from clinics available from the internet, notes available in PDF-format, and a DVD on how to run the offense.

None of the sources offered a complete package on how to run and teach the offense, so we king of had to invent our own way. In some ways we succeeded, in some ways we failed.

In fact we didn’t succeed as well as we would have liked to in the first season of running the offense. We started out winning everything, but as the season wore on we faded.

That gave us very valuable experience in how to teach the offense, what counters other teams use against it – and how we can counter the counters.

Since the summer of 2008 more sources of information has become available – coach Walberg has got a set of DVD’s out and so does coach Calipari.

I’ve now written a book about the Dribble Drive. Mostly to truly understand the offense myself. As I have to explain it to others, I have to truly understand every single bit of it. I tried to get everything in there – both information available from others, but also my own experiences running and teaching the offense.

Since publishing the book I’ve been putting my thoughts about the offense on the site, and it’s had more than 80.000 views.


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  1. Chanlee Bottoms says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I just purchased an E-Book from you. How am I going to receive the email?

    • coach_o says:

      Hi coach,
      I’ve just sent the link to the email registered to your PayPal account. Sorry for the delay. We were in the process of staying unbeaten in the league 🙂

  2. Marinko Svitlica says:

    Hello I paid two book three day ago and did not get books

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