The Dribble Drive Warmup Reads Drill

The two lines Dribble Drive Warmup Reads Drill combines dynamic stretching drills, ball handling and Break Down Zone moves from the Dribble Drive Offense.

I use the drill all the time with my 16’s and under boys team. In fact, this is the only drill we’ve used to practice the moves and reads of theBreak Down Zone.

The line on the right performs ball handling moves in a zig zag line to half court. Any ball handling and/or dribbling moves can be used. We currently use basic moves like the cross-over, behind the back and so on.

The left side line performs dynamic stretching. This form of stretching prepares the body for physical exertion and sports performance. In the past it was the practice to undertake static stretching before exercise. Dynamic stretching increases range of movement, blood and oxygen flow to soft tissues prior to exertion. Increasingly coaches and sports trainers are aware of the role in dynamic stretching in improving performance and reducing the risk of injury.

In fact, many studies show that static stretches actually have a detrimental effect on explosive movements and strength output. There are two types of flexibility receptors, a static receptor, which measures magnitude and a dynamic receptor, which measure speed and magnitude. As one would expect, dynamic activities that require movement, such as running , jumping, or kicking use the dynamic receptor to limit flexibility. Therefore, a dynamic stretch that stresses the dynamic receptor is more beneficial when preparing for a warm-up when performing a dynamic activity.

Dribble Drive Break down Zone Reads

As both players reach mid court the drill now becomes pure Dribble Drive, as the players perform their reads in the break down zone zone.

Note: Most of the options end in a layup – make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to work on the different finishes you want the players to use. You may have a coach put pressure on the finishes.

Lane Drive – O4 drags behind

The first option is to have O1 drive to the rack. O4 must read this and drag behind.

O4 rebounds the ball, then the players switch lines.

O1 Middle Drive – O4 kicks back, then drags behind

The second option is to have O1 drive middle. O4 prepares for the kick-back the drags behind.


Now O1 drives middle again, but this time he kicks back to O4 who racks it. O1 then drags behind.

Note: You may have O4 hit O1 on the drag to make sure the players are aware of the option.

Pass & Cut – Lane Drive

O1 now passes to O4, and as per the pass-then-cut-rule O1 cuts to the T.

O1 then reads O4’s drive. If O4 lane drives O1 cuts under the hoop and out the other side.

Pass & Cut – Middle Drive

This time on O1’s pass to O4, O4 drives middle.

O1 then makes the read, and either T-cuts or cuts under the hoop and out the other side.

414 Entry

Now O1 initiates the 414 with the back-dribble, and you can go through all the options of this entry in the drill.

For more details on the 414 entry see the Dribble Drive Offense book.

Open Read

O1 has the ball on this one. He may choose any read and O4 has to make the right read.

This option makes the kids think for themselves. As a coach you must be aware of which options are not run – these are the options you need to work on more.

Alley Oop

We finish off with the Alley Oop/tip off the backboard. The kids love this, and they get to work on their timing and rebounding.

Created with Basketball Playbook from Jes-Soft


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