Kick-back for the W

This is a pretty old video I’d forgotten all about. It’s from the first year we ran the Dribble Drive, when I was in England. We were playing undefeated Leeds Carnegie, in probably the most perfect game any of my teams have ever played.

After the first quarter we had been called for 10 fouls and Leeds had only been called for one and we were down only 21-18. At the break I had a quiet word with the referees, where they didn’t get to say much, and things evened out.

At the end of the game we were down one, with Leeds having the ball, but also having to shoot before time expired. We blocked them twice in the key with 10 seconds to go (I don’t know why they shot the second shot), got the ball back, and a kick-back from point guard Simon Mitchell to shooting guard James Harris won the game.

It’s just a reminder that the fundamentals of the Dribble Drive can win you unexpected games.

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