2-on-1 to 5-on-5 Progression

Drill to train numbered break and transition defence.

Drill is run twice with each team starting with the ball.

2’s and 3’s to highest score.



  • Working on finish numbered breaks with layups.


  • Transition defence as a disadvantage
  • Zone pronciples in protecting basket, not giving dunks or layups
  • Scrambling to contest jump shots
  • Rebounding to give offence only one shot.

Drill starts as one team comes at the other 2-on-1.

Defence plays two offensive men, stabbing and retreating.

Offence must attack the basket hard off the dribble to make defender commit – and keep good spacing.


On basket or rebound play reverses and two new attackers comes on.

Defence sprints back, with top man stopping the ball, other man guarding the basket, taking first pass.

If 1 gets the rebound he busts out on the dribble with 2 and 2 sprinting up the court. 1 must try to hit 2 or 3 early, then go with proper team tactics:

1 kicks behind.
Opposite wing goes to weak side block.

On a make red 1 takes the ball out, passes to 2 or 3, then gets the ball back for the break.


Play continues after basket/rebound with two new blues coming on.

The three defenders form a triangle and plays zone.


  • 1 gets the ball for for the break.
  • 2 and 3 runs their lanes to the corners (staying high until 1 crosses mid court).
  • 4 rim runs.

Play continues after basket/rebound with two new whites coming on, it’s now 5-on-4

The four defenders form a diamond and plays zone.


  • 1 chooses a side
  • 2 and 3 sprints to wings
  • 4 rim runs
  • 5 trails 1 up the court.


Play continues after basket/rebound with one new blue coming on. It’s now 5-on-5.

A basket or a stop ends the drill. Drill is run once more with other team starting with ball.

The five defenders match up man-to-man.


1 Response to 2-on-1 to 5-on-5 Progression

  1. Kenny Robinson says:

    I love it!! I love it!! We always ran this when I played basketball back in the day, but we never knew what to call it. We ran it 1 on1, then 2 on 1, an on an on until we got to the 5 on 5 part. This is awesome. I will put this drill in this week for the team. I can’t wait to teach it and watch how well the team runs this drill. Thanks a million!!!

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