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Big in Japan 2018

Wow, the book on the Dribble Drive Offense has been published in Japan! About six years ago someone approached me wanting to publish the book in Japan and bought the rights to do so. And then nothing happened, so I … Continue reading

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Attack Combo Drill With Rebounding

This is a fast paced drill that involves shooting, boxing out and quick decisions – on top of the full court attack skills of the Dribble Drive. I really like it because it incorporates all of the dribble drive skills … Continue reading

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Je Suis Dan Uzan

Fellow coaches, We talk a lot about offenses, shooting and other technical things about basketball. Tonight I was reminded what basketball is (also) all about: Heart and love. In the terrorist attacks in Copenhagen over the weekend we lost a … Continue reading

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To punish or not to punish?

Punishment or no punishment? To me it comes down to how you think about it. Every time I have a competition at practice I like to have everybody run afterwards. Everybody. But… At the end the winners get to shoot … Continue reading

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Building a Defense – with Nenad Trunic

Today i went to a coaching clinic with Nenad Trunic who is heavily involved with the Serbian youth National Team program. The clinic is on building a defense from 1-on-1 to 4-on-4 and I think it’s really worth seeing. I … Continue reading

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Busy summer! Busy times!

It’s the summertime, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, and it looks like a lot of coaches are busy with basketball even if it’s the off season. We are obviously getting orders from AAU coaches who are looking to spice … Continue reading

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Recognition for a great programme

For a long time I’ve been a huge fan of the way Dave Smart of Carleton University in Canada does things. He’s one of the smartest (no pun intended) and most demanding coaches around – and he is really big … Continue reading

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Kick-back for the W

This is a pretty old video I’d forgotten all about. It’s from the first year we ran the Dribble Drive, when I was in England. We were playing undefeated Leeds Carnegie, in probably the most perfect game any of my … Continue reading

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Playing two post players Dribble Drive style

Even if you run the Dribble Drive there are many reasons you might want to run two post players at the same time. You might have great size, or you might have two players who are not able to play … Continue reading

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Quick Hitters: Zone Up

For the last almost two seasons I’ve been the head coach of the Aalborg Vikings in the Basketball League in Denmark, Europe. I took over mid-season for the first year, and we weren’t able to run the Dribble Drive, as … Continue reading

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