When we first put the Dribble Drive offense into place we ran a lot of 5-on-0, inspired by Herb Welling’s DVD’s. We spent a lot of time learning patterns, but I’m now careful doing that.

The offense is a motion offense, and thus, like all motion offenses, consists of little situations where players have to make reads. Players must learn to use what the defense gives them, and running patterns 5-on-0 doesn’t teach reads.

We struggled for a long time getting things right, as players were too mechanical in their running of the offense, and found it tedious running things over and over again. Things only changed when I came across Vance Walberg’s practice plans from Pepperdine online.

Coach Walberg uses “The Daily 45” – a series of drills which start each practice and combines into work on all the fundamentals and the break-downs of the Dribble Drive Motion, including shooting and 1 to 5 man drills. These drills can be combined almost endlessly, and now form the backbone of or teaching of the Dribble Drive offense. We go with three to five short drills to start off practice on a high note, and we feel it’s important to practice like we want to play; fast and with plenty of reads.

To read more about how review and change drills read more here.

A short talk on how these drills can be used in non-Dribble Drive offense teaching here

A few drills for the Dribble Drive Motion Offense

Blood Series Drills

The Dribble Drive Warmup Reads Drill

2-on-1 to 5-on-5 Progression

7-up Shooting Drill

3-on-3 Transition


3 Responses to Drills

  1. Lee says:

    Is there any way you can explain the shooting drills you mentioned that you used other than wahlbergs 45?

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