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  1. Bart says:

    On your website you talk about a complementary offence for the ddm. What is that offence.

    I want to have my under 16 girls team play the ddm offence next season. If I understand correctly you play the offence with a young girls team. How can you help me in being succesfull with them? What are your tips for me and how where you most succesfull to get them to play like that?

    Would love to learn more. Thank you.


    • coach_o says:

      I’ve updated the Secondary Offense page today

      Basically it’s a 4-out, 1-in with everybody over the foul line, looking for back doors, pick and roll, baseline drives.

      I’ve emailed you about the other question.

    • the "View" says:

      I coach a small school high school girls team in Louisiana and have been running the DDM exclusively for 3 yrs. I would say the most important thing would be to teach your players to have an attack mentality and be able to utilize the 2 foot jumpstop at all times, i.e. on the catch, end of the dribble, finishing, etc. We have been very successful. We do not have the best athletes but we are average to above average in speed at every position.

  2. Coach Eason says:

    Thank you for the email about your ebook. I purchased it right away. However, I have been unsuccessful in downloading it, and the support team at LuLu is not giving me any real support on how to get it downloaded. Its been almost a week and i’m alittle frustrated. Tell me what can be done.

    Coach Eason

    • coach_o says:

      Hi Coach,

      I had a look. You should download Adobe Digital Editions

      You should click on your ‘My Lulu’ tab and then look to the left, in the blue margin with headings that will appear. You’ll see a heading for ‘My downloads’. Click this and you’ll be taken to a page showing your purchase and a link to the right to download it. You right click the link and then ‘Save as … ‘ to your hard drive.

      That should work? If not I’ll try to send you a PDF again, to another email address?

  3. TL says:

    thanks I plan to run the ddm this season as it fits my players perfectly. We have no real back to the post players and solid guards for a small school playing larger school league. I will be checking the website quite often and have read my ebook a number of times in just a few weeks.

  4. Coach Seb says:

    Hi, I’m a french basket-ball coach. The last past two years, I used the DDM with my team (under 15 and under 18). I don’t have buy your book yet, but I’ll do it soon. Your website is a great help.

    Great works !!!

  5. Jon says:

    I coach at a small private school. I have a good skill set among this year’s team to run a DDM style offense. The problem is, ours is a lower level of small school basketball. Literally 3/4 of the teams we face can be expected to play zone defense against us. (Most of them will be running a 2-3, Syracuse style zone.) Without understanding a whole lot about different entries into DDM against zone yet, am I asking to be frustrated by running it against so much zone? Will teams effectively adjust seeing the same types of entries so often? Or, will there be few answers if we are more athletic, and our post man is very athletic and dominant at the rim?

  6. Jake says:


    I thought your reviews of all the dribble drive Dvds were well done/

    I was wondering what you thought of the new walberg dvds

  7. Todd says:

    What techniques do you teach for a proper shot fake? I have your book and I haven’t seen anything detailed about it. Also, are there drills you use to teach it?


  8. Allen says:

    What do you do it you have a bigger kid on the perimeter. I need him to play on the defensive end of the floor. I have a very good post player that could play on the perimeter and another kid that is a post defender. Do you keep the non scoring post in the post and the better post player on the perimeter. If you do that then I feel that we could be taking away our best post option. Any help would be appreciated.

  9. Ordered the PDF version today but never received a download link or anything?

  10. Dave Tuengel says:

    Ordered the pdf version of the zone offense book.,….got the receipt but not the download link……Please Advise!

  11. edward j bishop says:

    Please send along the book that I purchased. thank you

  12. Keith Turner says:

    Hi Coach,
    Thank you for the fantastic book. Seriously, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Incredibly thorough and well done. If any coaches are on the fence, this is simply a great value.

    One issue I am having is that I can’t find very much good game footage of the DDM? Do you have any suggestions on where I could find some?

    I just ordered the zone e book and am very much looking forward to it!

    All the best!

    • coach_o says:

      Hi coach,

      Thank you!

      That’s one of the projects that I haven’t had time to complete… I’m working on video with another coach, but let’s see if he wants to share 🙂

      • Keith Turner says:

        A video from you would be great!
        But in the meantime…do you have any links to good game footage of any teams running the DDM system?
        I’ve looked at a bunch of Memphis/Kentucky/Oakland film and while there are elements they don’t appear to be running what you’ve laid out in your book.
        Any game would be very helpful in absorbing all the information.

        • coach_o says:

          Unfortunately I had a complete hard disk breakdown. I’ve recovered the files, but the thousands of video clips are now just numbered, not named and I’m having redouble locating game footage.

  13. Brian benjamin says:


    I ordered a copy of the dribble drive Offense (pdf version) On this website On Friday and paid via Paypal.
    I was supposed to Get an download link so I could download a copy. It has been 48 hours and I still have not received anything.
    Cam you instruct me On how to get a copy?

    Kind regards Brian benjamin

  14. Fabrizio Razzetti says:


    I bought the ebook with my paypal account, how do i receive it?

    • coach_o says:

      Hi coach,
      I manually have to send it out, so when I receive the order late in the day in Europe I sometimes won’t manage until the next morning.
      I’m sending your book to you within minutes 🙂

  15. Coach Fox says:

    Hey Coach, I ordered your “Corona Virus” offer a couple days ago and still have not received the download link. I just wanted to follow up. Looking forward to diving in, learning, and growing. Appreciate you.

    • coach_o says:

      Hi coach,
      It was sent out on Friday morning European time. Please check your spam folder, as the download link may cause it to end up there. Also check that you’re on the email that’s attached to your PayPal account (hint: it’s a Hotmail address)

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