Calipari – a good guy or a con artist?

I’ve heard John Calipari described as a con artist who wins through recruting only – and through shady recruiting too. Having seen the Kentucky All Access DVD’s I’m very sure that the man can coach, and can coach really well (those DVD’s come very recommended).

On the recruitment – and on the man in general – Sports Illustrated ran a feature article a while back (which I only just saw). It’s a really good insight into what makes a big-time college coach:

Too Slick, Too Loud, Too Successful

Why John Calipari Can’t Catch A Break

The NCAA hasn’t held him accountable for any major violation, and dark rumors about his recruiting methods have never stuck. Still, no matter what good the Kentucky coach does—visiting the sick, helping at-risk kids—he’s assumed to have an ulterior motive.

Read more at SI

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