Jes-Soft Playbook Plugins

If you’ve looked at the site or read the book you will have noticed the DDM court markings I use. They’re from’s Playbook program. The Basketball Playbook is one of the best playbook programs out there, and I hear it’s going to improve even more in the future.

You can use the plugins within the program to change the default colors or add the Dribble Drive Zones.

You just download the files below and run them, and it should work, as long as you have version 10 of the Playbook software. If you have any other version of Playbook please contact me and I’ll send another version to you.

When you open the Playbook Software you can now use the plugin by selecting “Special” and “Plugins”. For further help see here: Jes Soft Help



1. Dribble Drive Markings Plugin: Download here






1. Alternate Colorway Plugin: Download here

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2 Responses to Jes-Soft Playbook Plugins

  1. Coach Smith says:

    Great job coach, Thanks

  2. John Walker says:

    Great job!


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