Recognition for a great programme

For a long time I’ve been a huge fan of the way Dave Smart of Carleton University in Canada does things. He’s one of the smartest (no pun intended) and most demanding coaches around – and he is really big on fundamentals and sound coaching.

Now Grantland has given them some recognition in the US – this is a great post:

Below are the Dave Smart DVD-reviews I did a couple of years back – they are still extremely relevant:

There are very few coaches out there who are better than Dave Smart of Carleton University in Canada at developing and getting the best out of players. Coach Smart’s teams have won five straight Canadian University Championships, and have performed very well against US Division 1 schools with far better athletes. Coach Smart has turned down several offers to coach Division 1 in the US and I rate him as one of the best teachers in the game.

I’ll recommend his individual development and screening DVD’s to anyone looking to develop players. Especially his individual development DVD is excellent, and it has been a big inspiration for the fundamentals of the Dribble Drive book, although he doesn’t use the Dribble Drive himself.

In the individual DVD coach Smart covers his thoughts on shooting and how his team has become one of the best shooting teams at all levels in North America, he covers one-on-one moves to the basket, including the innovative “swim move” and he shows how he works on finishing around the rim, inspired by his work with Steve Nash. All of this is in a competitive setting with great drills.

The screening DVD is equally good. The level of detail covered in this DVD is something I’ve never seen in any other feature from any other coach. From the angle of screens to how the players should misdirect with their eyes, this DVD covers Down Screens, Back Screens and Pick & Roll.

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