Video reviews

One thing I hear a lot of questions about is the various DVD sets about the Dribble Drive Motion. Are they any good? Are they good enough? Who are they for? Below I’ll review the DDM DVD’s I’ve seen.

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Swim Move

In The Dribble Drive Motion – An Instruction Manual I talk at length about the fundamentals of attacking 1-on-1, inspired by coach Dave Smart of Carleton University, Canada. I players are much more effective when they use the swim move, and at the 1:55 mark in the video below you will see how it works against the number 1 NBA draft pick John Wall:

Notice how Jeremy Lin reaches out with his left arm and keeps Wall on his side for the entire drive. The commentators say that Wall has to work on his “D”, but once the swim move is established it’s almost impossible to recover.

Also look at the 5:06 mark where Lin blows by his man. Again he uses the felt arm to create leverage effectively, and that’s why I teach the swim move.

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The 3-on-3 Transition Drill

Transition is a continuous 3 on 3 drill that’s fun and challenging, with two teams competing against each other, while focusing on the Dribble Drive Break/Sideline Break and defensive transition.

The drill continues the work started in the Scramble 11 man break drill, using the same tactics, but now requiring the wings to beat their man to force the outnumbered situation.

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Jes-Soft Playbook Plugins

If you’ve looked at the site or read the book you will have noticed the DDM court markings I use. They’re from’s Playbook program. The Basketball Playbook is one of the best playbook programs out there, and I hear it’s going to improve even more in the future.

You can use the plugins within the program to change the default colors or add the Dribble Drive Zones.

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Out-of-Season Player Development

I think there are two kinds of player development: In-practice and out-of-practice development. In-practice the Dribble Drive is really good – out-of-practice it’s excellent! Continue reading

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Drag 2 to the 3 – where to go next?

On a Drag 2 drive with a pass to the 3, the question has been asked where the 1 should go after the pass, if you want to take advantage of the post.

Wallberg has the 1 go to the 3-corner after the pass, as shown here.

The question posed is if it wouldn’t be better if the 1 goes opposite, as to not clog up the middle with his defender?

I think that solution poses several problems, as I’ll explain below.


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Pick-n-roll is dead 2

The pick-n-roll is dead.

The original Dribble Drive didn’t feature the pick-n-roll much, but that’s not what has killed the pick-n-roll. In fact the pick is still alive, but there is no longer any roll.Coach Calipari was an early proponent of setting the screen and then just sprinting to the basket instead of rolling. Duke has joined the bandwagon, as can be seen on the Bob Knight video below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Back Doors in the High Post Offense

I’ve added a bit about back doors to the Secondary Offense page. The Dribble Drive is a great offense, but a complementary offense that follows the same principles and can be run from the same setup, but gives a very different look, is great for maximizing success.

The details of the offense is in my book, Dribble Drive Motion Offense – An Instruction Manual, but on the pages of the High Post Offense I’ll try to answer any questions about the High Post. Continue reading

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Slow Break Automatic

The Dribble Drive Motion basically has the sideline break built into it, with the goal being to get the ball up the sideline as quick as possible (for more info check out the book on the right side of the site). For years I’ve run a sideline break that fits perfectly into the Dribble Drive, has lots of reads and will give you four scoring opportunities in about three seconds.

We have nicknamed it the “Slow Break”, because although it works great as a fast break, it is equally good after a made basket, or when your big has secured a rebound, and the other team have numbers back on defense. We have run it as an automatic after made baskets or when the big has rebounded the ball.

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The Book is Ready

Look to your right – the Dribble Drive Motion Offence – An Instruction Manual – is ready.

It’s available on, paperback both color ($45 due to cost of print) and black and white ($16.99), or  the PDF version ($15).

The first 10 (of 108) pages are available for preview if you follow the links.

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