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Video reviews

One thing I hear a lot of questions about is the various DVD sets about the Dribble Drive Motion. Are they any good? Are they good enough? Who are they for? Below I’ll review the DDM DVD’s I’ve seen.

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Swim Move

In The Dribble Drive Motion – An Instruction Manual I talk at length about the fundamentals of attacking 1-on-1, inspired by coach Dave Smart of Carleton University, Canada. I players are much more effective when they use the swim move, … Continue reading

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The 3-on-3 Transition Drill

Transition is a continuous 3 on 3 drill that’s fun and challenging, with two teams competing against each other, while focusing on the Dribble Drive Break/Sideline Break and defensive transition. The drill continues the work started in the Scramble 11 … Continue reading

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Slow Break Automatic

The Dribble Drive Motion basically has the sideline break built into it, with the goal being to get the ball up the sideline as quick as possible (for more info check out the book on the right side of the … Continue reading

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