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Video reviews

One thing I hear a lot of questions about is the various DVD sets about the Dribble Drive Motion. Are they any good? Are they good enough? Who are they for? Below I’ll review the DDM DVD’s I’ve seen.

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The 3-on-3 Transition Drill

Transition is a continuous 3 on 3 drill that’s fun and challenging, with two teams competing against each other, while focusing on the Dribble Drive Break/Sideline Break and defensive transition. The drill continues the work started in the Scramble 11 … Continue reading

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Pick-n-roll is dead 2

The pick-n-roll is dead. The original Dribble Drive didn’t feature the pick-n-roll much, but that’s not what has killed the pick-n-roll. In fact the pick is still alive, but there is no longer any roll.Coach Calipari was an early proponent … Continue reading

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Slow Break Automatic

The Dribble Drive Motion basically has the sideline break built into it, with the goal being to get the ball up the sideline as quick as possible (for more info check out the book on the right side of the … Continue reading

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The Book is Ready

Look to your right – the Dribble Drive Motion Offence – An Instruction Manual – is ready. It’s available on, paperback both color ($45 due to cost of print) and black and white ($16.99), or  the PDF version ($15). … Continue reading

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Dribble Drive Book Almost Done

All of last week I spent editing the Dribble Drive book. Rearranging, and makings things clearer, along with writing a few new chapters. It is 100 pages exactly, with more than 300 color illustrations. Hopefully I’ll have time to read … Continue reading

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Recently I’ve watched a lot of old Memphis games, and one thing that strikes me is how they offensive rebound. It’s not that they’re aggressive, which they certainly are, but how they’re always first to the ball. It comes down … Continue reading

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Book Update

Just a quick update on the Dribble Drive book I’m writing. I’m about halfway through the book. The X’s and O’s section is 95% done, and I’ve started working on the section on how to teach the offense, the drills … Continue reading

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The Dominant Post: Inside Screens and Pick-and-Roll

Having a dominant post player in the dribble drive poses some questions, most notably; How do you use them effectively in an offense predicated on guard drives? We’ve created several options for post-ups, but at the moment we’re focusing on … Continue reading

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Preseason is underway

The team has been training for a couple of weeks although the foreign players will not arrive until early September. We’ve started putting in the Dribble Drive, although only very limited parts of it. So far we’ve only done full … Continue reading

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