Zone O eBook

In my original book there is a section about the Dribble Drive Zone Offense, and I have now expanded that section greatly with the new information from coach Walberg’s latest DVD’s (Walberg Advanced Dribble-Drive Offense: Zone & Transition Game).

The new eBook is 23 pages, and includes:

  • X’s and O’s for the Fresno 4-out Push offense
  • X’s and O’s for the Fresno 3-out “2-Game” offense
  • How to combine Push and 2-game into simple offensive system
  • Six different set plays in two different series which fit seamlessly with the zone offense.

The book can only be purchased here on the site, for $7.99 through a secure Paypal payment:

Dribble Drive Zone Offense eBooklet

Please note that I have to process the file and send it to you manually, so if I’m coaching at an away game er sleeping (I’m in Europe) it might be several hours before I’m able to process your order.

4 Responses to Zone O eBook

  1. Coach Eason says:

    We also run this with a pick and pop. 1 dribbles 2 through and reverses the ball to 5(your 4). As 5 catches, 3 screens the last top defender of the zone. 5 drives into the lane and 4(your 5), the post relocates. This creates a 3 on 2 with the 5,4,and 2 against the center and ballside wing of the zone.

    Scoring Options…..
    1. No help-5 racks it.
    2. Wing helps-5 kick-out to 2 in the ball side corner.
    3. Center helps-5 quick-up to the 4.

    We run all our zone stuff against all zones.

  2. Coach Eason says:

    We also will run a variation of push where 1 dribbles to the 2 side and 2 shallow cuts and replaces 1. on reversal the 3 gets the corner 3pt shot.

  3. jeff says:

    I have tried this successfully in a few of our preseason scrimmages.

    Thanks for the tip.

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